Monday 12 October 2015

Knitting a Cushion

On the train to and from Leighton Buzzard, I knitted a test piece in a slip-stitch pattern, for a cushion I'm planning for my daughter.  I have been trying out slip-stitch patterns for a workshop this weekend, when nine of us in the Huddersfield Knitting & Crochet Guild are going away.  To Blackpool! For a KnitAway weekend!  At the Westcliffe Hotel!  So exciting.  

Anyway.  I promised my daughter a knitted cushion for her bedroom, some time ago, and we agreed on a design, based on my slip-stitch swatches.  My test piece is a miniature version of the cushion, in the colours she chose.

I think it's promising. It feels very soft and comforting.  The edges of the centre square need tidying up, and the corners should be a bit squarer, but the point of a test piece is to see what's not quite right, so that's OK.   I have made a start on the full-size version.    More later, on  the weekend, the workshop and the cushion.

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