Monday, 10 March 2014

Name that Stitch

I went to Sheffield last week, bought myself a new top and while I was looking around the fashion floor, saw an interesting stitch pattern on a sweater.  This is getting to be a habit -  it was seeing a sweater in John Lewis that led me to experiment with two-colour moss stitch.  The latest stitch pattern seemed to be a slip stitch pattern, with the yarn carried across the front of the fabric.  

In fact, if I've got it right, it was a mixture of linen stitch and stocking stitch.   On an odd number of stitches:
Row 1 (right side): (Knit 1, slip 1 with yarn in front) to last stitch, knit 1.
Row 2 (wrong side) Purl.  

On the right side, it looks a bit like single rib, but is less stretchy. The sweater I saw was in a flecked yarn that made the horizontal 'bars' more obvious - I think it would be interesting, too, to try it in two colours, one for the knit rows and one for the purl rows.  

The wrong side is also quite attractive - like a slightly corrugated reverse stocking stitch.
It makes a nice fabric - softer and much less dense than linen stitch.  In comparison with stocking stitch, it's thicker and doesn't curl up, though it does still curl inwards a bit.  Is it a standard stitch, I wonder?  I have been thinking of it as the fatface stitch (it was a fatface sweater) but clearly that won't do, especially if it has a name already.   

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