Sunday 7 July 2013

Summer, Finally

The sun is shining, the sky is blue.  It's warm!  Even hot! (By British standards.)  Actually, that was yesterday and this morning - this afternoon it's clouded over, though still warm.  Now that I can wear it, I have finally finished a vest top I started last September.  I finished knitting it last year, in fact, but couldn't summon up the energy to sew up the side seams while it was too cold to wear it.

It's a simple knit, in some discontinued nubbly cotton/linen yarn I have had for quite a while.  It was based on a pattern, though since the pattern was for a dress in a lacy stitch, as far as I remember, the relationship is a bit distant.   I mainly borrowed the neck- and arm-bands that were knit in rib and integral with the front and back.   As I grafted the shoulder seams, the only sewing involved was the side seams - about an hour's work in total.  So I really have no excuse for taking more than 6 months to get around to doing it.  But I don't care.

The neckline has worked out very well.  Altogether, the vest looks good and is cool to wear.    

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