Monday 29 July 2013

Roger Moore, "teen-age youth"

For the KCG Convention in Derby, I compiled a quiz based on knitting and crochet patterns: I had collected patterns with famous models, and the task was to name the celebrity.  Most of them were actors or well-known in some other field, rather than professional models, but I included a few models such as Twiggy.  Although it turned out that no-one but me recognised Marisa Berenson and Pattie Boyd.    

While collecting celebrity patterns, I found another two early photos of Roger Moore as a knitwear model.  (I "found" them after a search led me to this piece from the Hello! magazine web site.)  These are from Practical Home Knitting, published by Odhams Press in 1949, and  pre-date by a few years the ones I have shown previously (here and here).  

The teen-age youth will appreciate this polo-neck sweater for week-end wear.  The polo collar is knitted on four needles to ensure a well-fitting neckline in spite of youth's inevitable rough handling when dressing!
The first item he is modelling is a "useful polo-neck sweater".   The caption refers to him as a teen-age youth, although he was actually 21 or 22 at the time.  In the other illustration, he is wearing a  Fair Isle scarf and gloves, "for spectator sports wear".  

No matter how conservative they may become later, young men under twenty usually favour scarves and gloves of bold design. 
I think that in the polo neck sweater, he does look like a James Bond in the making.  Maybe not in the  Fair Isle scarf and gloves. 

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