Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Now that my daughter is at home for the summer, there are three laptops in the house.  But my husband doesn't get on well with his, and so doesn't use it for internet access, and my daughter's is out of action because the power cable is broken.  Mine has a problem with its graphics, and only works at all reliably on its docking station in the attic, and I can't access the internet from there, because the wireless doesn't reach that far.  So we have all been competing for the desk-top computer for web access.   It's pathetic.  But a replacement for my daughter's laptop cable  has arrived so things are going to be better.  And I'm going to get myself a new laptop.

Competition for internet access partly explains the lack of posts recently, even though my Zigzag top has been finished for a couple of weeks.

I haven't yet worn it - it really needs a sunny day, and recently the weather has been very showery, or else it's been raining steadily.  By artificial light, the colours are odd - the pink looks orange and the orange looks oranger.

It fits very well, although I am slightly worried that the bottom edge might stretch with wear.  (Although as it is knitted top down, I could in that case re-knit it, I suppose.)  The waist decreases are cleverly hidden in the chevron pattern, which is made by decreasing at the downward pointing Vs and increasing at the upward pointing Vs, so to decrease you just don't do the increases for a  round.   There isn't any increasing below the waist, in spite of the way it looks laid out flat.

It has been an interesting pattern to knit and would be worth doing again.  I am somewhat reconciled to knitting on a circular needle - it did help a lot with fitting and getting the length right.  (I think that the main reason that I had problems with knitting the Oatmeal Pullover  was the thickness of the needles compared with the joining cables, as I mentioned at the time.)   There are some patterns in the Classic Knitwear book that use the same chevron idea but with added sleeves, e.g. a zip-front jacket (though I would have to convert it to a button fastening - I don't approve of zips in knitwear.)   One of those would be nice for the winter.

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