Thursday, 17 June 2010

The good, the bad and cosmetic surgery

Yesterday was a lovely day - warm and sunny - and I wore my new Badminton jumper.  It looked good and felt cool and comfortable.   I went to the Knit and Natter session at my local yarn shop and finished the back of my Marion Foale cardigan, and when I got home I sprayed it with water and pressed it lightly, which made the knitting look a lot more even. (The edges are still curling in quite a bit - it isn't quite as shaped at the waist as it appears.)    

And then I noticed that I had made a mistake in knitting the Badminton jumper, towards the top of one sleeve, in the middle.  I had offset one of the vertical lines of moss stitch by one stitch for the last dozen or so rows.

  It was the sort of mistake that you can't ignore once you have seen it. So I had to unpick the seam, undo the casting off at the top of the sleeve, and redo those two stitches using a crochet hook.  And sew it all back together.  Fortunately it looks OK now.

I am so annoyed with myself.  How did I manage to sew the sleeve into the armhole in the first place without noticing such a glaring mistake? 


  1. Knitting is very intense. No room for mistakes. I think I would find it stressful, possibly have a knitting-related nervous breakdown.

  2. I am with you, I would have ripped out the sleeve and corrected that column. Once I see a mistake, it bugs me too much not to correct it. Lovely sweater!


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