Wednesday 13 January 2010

Starting Again

Once upon a time, I did lots of knitting. I did complicated knitting too - several Aran jumpers and some Fair Isle.  One jumper that I still wear is a Patricia Roberts design with cables of thick wool in cream divided by panels of mohair. But then I stopped - didn't have enough time to knit. Until about a year ago I hadn't done any knitting for about 25 years. (My daughter is now 24, so that had something to do with it. I was a bad mother and left all the baby knitting to the grandmas.) I would occasionally think about knitting, and even dream about knitting, so part of me evidently missed it. So when at the end of 2008, it looked like I would be retiring in a few months, I decided to try again. I asked my husband to buy me some yarn for Christmas, and made myself a lacy scarf in double knitting - not too taxing or time-consuming, and immediately wearable. Since then, I have indeed retired, and now I am doing a lot of knitting, especially this winter. This blog is intended to help me organise my thoughts about what I want to knit and why, and how it turns out. Maybe other people might even want to read it?

Here's an example of my past knitting.   I knitted the pullover  for my husband and  he posed in it recently - he doesn't wear it any more, but I am not going to let him throw it out, of course.

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