Thursday 14 January 2010

Gilda jumper

After starting knitting again with a scarf, I decided to be more ambitious and knit myself a jumper. I was seduced by a photo in the Rowan Pure Wool Collection book - Gilda, a jumper designed by Martin Storey, I think.

I didn't knit it in pure wool, though, but in Rowan wool/cotton, also a double knitting weight. I found the yarn lovely to knit with. The colour is Clear - a pale grey-blue.

The pattern is very intricate, so I suspect that it might in fact show up better in wool/cotton than in pure wool. Very intricate - maybe if I had read the instructions thoroughly beforehand I would have chosen something a bit simpler. It's a 16-row repeat and you need a cable needle on 9 of them. See the twisted stitches, on the branches of the little tree (?) motif, and separating the panels? They are twisted on every row. So you don't get an easy ride on the wrong side row, as you usually do.

I am not complaining though - I could have simplified it, or changed my mind about what to knit, but instead I stuck with it and I am very happy with the result. The main problem knitting it was not with the overall stitch pattern (what's the word?) but with the neckband, where I'm sure there was an error in the instructions - I had two attempts before I got it looking right. But as I said I am very happy with the finished jumper and enjoy wearing it. And it looks like the photo. Although not when I'm in it.

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