Thursday 31 March 2016

Latest Acquisition

We have just been given a knitted coat for the Knitting & Crochet collection - the Shaded Diamonds design by Kaffe Fassett.   The pattern appeared in Rowan Magazine 35 in 2004 (now available as a free download).  It's a beautiful coat, and very neatly knitted too - it was one of Rowan's samples.

There are 19 differetn colours of Rowan Summer Tweed in the coat. There are five colours in each diamond, and it's fascinating to see how the colour shades from say dark red to pale pink through stripes of varying widths.

We now have about a dozen Kaffe Fassett designs in the Guild collection - a small sub-collection it its own right.  Shaded Diamonds is a great addition - really special.

 I'll add some close-ups when I've had a chance to take more photos.



  1. That's gorgeous. When you get samples like this, do you get any information on the knitter, or just on the designer and yarn?

    1. Yes, gorgeous. We don't have any information on the knitter - Rowan must have had records at the time, if only to pay the knitter, but I don't know whether they have kept them.


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