Sunday, 15 March 2015

New Buttons for Wainwright

In December, I wrote about my Wainwright cardigan, designed by Bristol Ivy.  It's thick and warm and comfortable to wear, but after a while I decided I didn't actually like the buttons I had chosen.  And any way they were a bit small for the buttonholes.  My friend Steph (of Steph's Crafty Bits on Etsy) makes wonderful polymer clay buttons - I used a pair of her buttons on my 1914 hat - and I asked her to make a set for me in dark grey.  Here they are.

And here they are on the cardigan.

This also gives me the opportunity to show that the cardigan is not navy blue, as it appeared in the previous post, but actually dark grey.

In the background of the photos taken in the garden, you might be able to see that our camellia is just in flower.  So soon it will not be cold enough to wear a thick cardigan (until next autumn).  But today there is a very cold wind, and I am glad to be wearing it.


  1. The buttons go well with the graphic structure of the cardigan, good choice. Angharad

  2. Lovely buttons, which suit the cardigan well.


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