Saturday 13 September 2014

Change of Title

I changed the design of this blog a month or so ago, in preparation for launching my First World War blog, and at the time I warned readers that I would change the title shortly.  Now I've done it.   I got bored with the old title - I've been writing this blog for more than four years and I wanted a change.

(More than four years - isn't that amazing?  I'm amazed, anyway.  I didn't start writing with any kind of time limit in mind, but I don't think that I expected that I would still have things to write about after so long.  But then I got involved with the Knitting & Crochet Guild and started sorting out all the publications and got interested in the history of knitting and crochet....  And here we are.)

I chose "Knitting Now and Then" because it fits what I write about - it's about knitting history ("Knitting Then")  and about what I'm knitting (Knitting Now"),  and it also expresses the fact that sometimes it seems that I'm spending so much time with knitting history that I don't actually get very much time for my own knitting (so I'm only knitting "Now and Then").    

And apart from the change of title, it's business as usual.


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