Monday, 28 July 2014

It looks different!

I've got bored with the way this blog looks - or looked until 5 minutes ago.  I started the blog in January 2010, and it's looked the same way for most of the time since then (mostly because I forgot how I customised it).  But there are changes afoot - I'm starting a new blog in parallel with this one, so I'm giving them the same layout and design.  More on the new blog in a few days when it's ready to launch.

And then I'm going to change the title of this one.  I'd do it now, but I thought that a change of design and title at the same time would be too much - regular readers might think that they had come to the wrong blog.  So I'll give you a little while to get used to the new look.  And then a change of title, but still with 'knitting' in, I promise.

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