Thursday, 19 June 2014

A to Z of Knitting Needles

This evening we had the monthly meeting of the Huddersfield branch of the Knitting & Crochet Guild, and we showed some of the tools and gadgets from the collection.  (It was called 'Inspect a Gadget'.  It's been explained to me.) 

Angharad decided to put together an A to Z of knitting needle brands.  She didn't quite get a complete alphabet, but most letters are represented in the collection, from Aero, Ace, Anlaby and one or two more As through to Zephyr.   Some of the trickier letters are there, including Quaker Girl and Jester, but no Xs - and no Ns or Os, which is slightly more surprising.  

Here are some of the less common brands from the collection.   First a selection of plastic needles.

Cronit, Ladybird, Peacock, Glamor, Clive, Ace, Wimberdar, Robinoid
And the J and Q:
Quaker Girl
I knew it would be easy to get nerdy about knitting needles.


  1. The needles at the top look like the first I learned to knit on when I was about 7. I wish I still had them.

    1. I don't remember what knitting needles I used when I learnt to knit - also when I was about 7. I imagine they were short plastic ones, too, but really I don't know.


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