Sunday, 9 February 2014

Modern Technology

I have been sorting out magazines this week - I keep thinking that the magazines in the Guild collection are pretty much sorted, and then I find they aren't.  On Friday, I discovered that there were two separate boxes of Knitter's magazine, covering the same range of dates.   In sorting them out, I spotted a special issue on Aran knits, from 1989 -  next month, I am doing another re-run of my talk on Arans, so I brought it home to read. 

Aran Vest by Meg Swansen
One of the Arans in particular caught my eye  - a vest designed by Meg Swansen, with panels of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Sheepfold pattern and its mirror image either side of the central cables.  It's still a very wearable knit, I think.  But it was the photo that really grabbed my attention - and that phone!  

I suppose that it is intended to give the impression that the woman is in a high-powered job, using cutting-edge technology to keep in touch with her colleagues wherever she is - even in the street!  (Wow!)  But now, you think: "Why is that woman holding a brick to her ear?" 

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  1. I remember those phones but didn't realise they were as early as 1989. I never bought one because of the size. I think my house phone was smaller than that!


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