Saturday 11 January 2014

A Sweater for Beatrix

Beatrix was born in November and I knitted a sweater for her that was handed over at Christmas, via her grandparents.   I have not yet seen her in it, but I have seen a photo - it looks a little big for her just now, but will fit her better before the end of the winter.  It's knitted in Wendy Merino DK, so I intended it for wear this winter, to keep her cosy.  She wears it with the cuffs turned back, as they are shown on the cover of the pattern leaflet below - the sleeves fit her better that way. 

(It's actually a lovely greeny-blue colour - it's hard to get a photo that shows the colour at all accurately, which I have found before with green/blue shades.)

Patons 7957

The pattern is from a Patons leaflet that I have had for years - the leaflet has the date 1985 printed in it, so I assume I bought it then and perhaps I intended to knit it for my daughter.  But I never did.   The neckline is intriguing - the front and back finish in two long triangular pieces at each side, which overlap.  There are no shoulder seams or any kind of fastening at the shoulders, so there is plenty of room for it to go over the baby's head, but it should then fit snugly around the neck.  And there are straight seams to join the sleeves to the body.  

In fact, I didn't assemble it exactly according to the instructions - there was meant to be much more overlap of the back and front, but then the neck opening entirely disappeared, so I had to adjust it.  It's a nice pattern, though - I like the texture of the stitch pattern, made of little triangles in stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch.   And I like the way that the diagonal edges of the triangular overlapping pieces parallel the triangles of the stitch pattern - that is very neat. I hope Beatrix gets plenty of wear out of it for a few weeks, before she grows out of it. 


  1. You can always tell when patterns have been written by parents. We know about things like trying to dress wriggling babies. Yours turned out really well.

  2. Beautiful jumper. The neckline remains me of the neck popular on woolly vests, "Cherub" vests, about fifty years ago, I think it was called an envelope neck, very clever

    1. Yes, a couple of people have said that it's like the neck of a vest. I like the way that it echoes the stitch pattern as well.


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