Thursday 28 November 2013

Baby Jacket

I have just finished knitting a jacket for Noah, who is three months old.  The pattern is one I have used  before -   Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down  (free via Ravelry). It is entirely seamless (hurray!) and uses Aran weight yarn (or in this case, DK used double), so is quick to knit. 

The buttons are ladybirds - not very sophisticated, in fact, but cute.  And Noah looks extremely cute wearing it.  (Actually, it's also hard to look sophisticated when you have to wear a bib all the time to catch dribbles, so I don't think I need to apologise for the ladybirds.)  


  1. I love this pattern. I have it saved somewhere and will definitely knit it one day. How about adding a knitted bib to it? I've seen some unique bib patterns on Ravelry..

  2. Interesting idea about the knitted bib- thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Is this available in toddler 2-4 sizes?

    1. No, it's only in two sizes and the larger size is 6-12 months. It might be adaptable to a toddler size, but I think it would be tricky.


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