Monday 23 September 2013

A 2-ounce Jumper

It's the 23rd and I haven't posted anything this month so far.  Very slack. We were on holiday in Sicily at the beginning of September, which was wonderful.  Then we visited friends in Twickenham for a long weekend,  and had a good time with them.  And in between, I've been doing a lot of work for the Knitting & Crochet Guild.  

Anyway, back in August we were selecting items from the collection for the Guild stall at the British Wool Weekend at Harrogate, on the theme of lace, including a very pretty 1950s jumper knitted in a very open lacy stitch.  By chance, I recognised the pattern and managed to remember where I had seen it - it's a Jaeger pattern leaflet that we also have in the collection.     

A lacy jumper and its pattern
The jumper has been knitted in four colours: the body is in pale shades of blue, greeny blue and mint green, and the waist band and neckband in lemon yellow.    They all go together so beautifully that I wonder if the knitter dyed the yarn herself, combining a blue dye and a yellow dye to get the two intermediate shades.  

Jaeger 3398

The pattern itself is evidently intended for just one colour - it calls for just 2 ounces (about 50 g.) of 2-ply "Faerie-Spun" wool.     The rib (sleeves, neckband and waistband) is knitted on size 12 needles  (2.75mm.).  The lacy pattern is an 8 row repeat, 7 rows knitted on size 8s (4mm.) and one row on size 1s (7.5 mm.) - that's the row of very large stitches that you see in the photos and gives most of the openwork effect.  Oddly, the stitch pattern is described as "Old Shale",  though as far as I can see it is nothing like Old Shale. 

But that's a quibble.  It is a very pretty pattern if you like the 1950s look,  and you don't mind that it doesn't give you much coverage.   And our finished example is beautifully executed. 

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