Friday 30 August 2013

Honeycomb Infinity Scarf

One project that I have been working on for several months is an infinity scarf for my daughter.  It was intended as a birthday present (for her last birthday), but it's been too hot to wear a woolly scarf since then (that's my excuse).  I started it in May, and wrote about it here.   I finished the knitting several weeks ago, at least I think it's finished.  I haven't actually broken off the yarn, or blocked it, just in case she wants it to be longer.  

 So I sent her a photo of myself wearing it, to see if she liked the length as is.  And she has not yet replied, so it is still unblocked, not quite finished, not yet sent.   (And if you're reading this, child, it's you I'm talking about.)

It's designed to loop easily round the neck twice - it's very stretchy, and when it's pressed it will be a bit longer and looser.  It's lovely to wear - the yarn is Blue-faced Leicester and very soft.  My friend Steph, who dyed it, says that one skein will make a pair of socks, so it's quite surprising that I still have quite a lot of the skein left.

I took the stitch pattern from the article "An Orenburg Honeycomb Lace Scarf" by Galina Khmeleva in the Spring 2013 issue of Knitting Traditions.  I might write more about that later.  

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  1. Sorry! It's a very nice scarf, I love it! Can't wait for autumn so I can wear it :)


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