Saturday 16 February 2013

Wedding Dresses to Crochet

In the collection of knitted and crocheted items at Lee Mills, there are three or four wedding dresses.  One of the Huddersfield students who has been working with us is doing a project on the wedding dresses, and I have been looking out for patterns for her in the publications collection. I have found only two pattern leaflets for wedding dresses so far.  Perhaps that's not too surprising - if you were going to the effort of making a wedding dress, you would surely want it to be unique, rather than choosing a mass-produced pattern. 

Emu 2914
The Emu pattern dates from the early 1970s, I think.  The Patons pattern is  dated 1981, and was issued just before the wedding of Charles and Diana.  (Hopefully, if anyone made a wedding dress from the pattern, their marriage turned out  better than that one.) 

Patons 1856
(Click on an image to get a larger view.)


  1. Hi - just ran across your blog (which is great) while looking for information on Patons Quickerknit Botany (yardage specifically) but cannot resist commenting on this entry.
    Patons published "Fashion Knits" annually from the mid fifties until about 1985, and in the 1976 one there is a wedding dress; further in one of the Stitchcraft magazines from that year or thereabouts there is a "readers letter" with photo of a proud bride wearing it.
    I think most people do not have the time to contemplate such a huge project once they have decided to get married - there is so much else to do - unless you make one for your bottom drawer, which will, of course ensure you end up as a maiden aunt.....

    1. Thanks for the pointer to Fashion Knits. We have a complete set of them in the Knitting & Crochet Guild collection, so I will look for the wedding dress - and also the Stitchcraft magazine. The owner of my local yarn shop knitted her own dress for her wedding in June last year - it took 4 months.

  2. I am looking for a crochet pattern for a girl's dress age 6 months. Do you have anything or any advice as to where I could possibly look for a pattern?

    1. You could try the Vintage Knitting Lady's web site. She has a lot of patterns for sale, categorised in various ways, and I think she includes crochet.


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