Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Knitted Card

Friends have sent us a card (bought in the Lake District, I think) with a piece of knitting glued to it.  The yarn is Herdwick, in the natural grey colour.  Herdwick wool is not much used for garments because it is not very soft, but the sheep are hardy and able to survive on the Lakeland fells.   And it makes a nice card.  I wonder if the knitting was originally done on longer needles and transferred to these little ones to make the card?   They are about 2mm diameter, I guess, so it is only the length that is out of the ordinary.  You can easily knit on 2mm needles of standard length, but knitting on such short needles would surely be very fiddly.  


  1. I've made several like this - and I knit them on ordinary needles first, then transferred them to the mini-needles. I make the needles with cocktail sticks and wooden beads glued onto the trimmed ends.

  2. Thanks for the comment and hint on how these cards are made. They make a great greetings card to/from a knitter.


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