Sunday 3 June 2012

Another Jubilee Knit

Here's another pattern that was produced for the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977.  It turned up in the latest batch of patterns that we sorted at Lee Mills - very timely, as this is the Diamond Jubilee weekend.    Nicely produced - the band across the top is silvery, although it has reproduced as gray. I wonder how many of these tops were actually knitted?

The weather is awful today - cold and wet.  I put all my thick winter woollies away and will have to get one out again.  Such a pity when so many people have put a lot of effort into organizing events for the weekend - we aren't taking part in any, but can still sympathize.   

We were in Lincoln on Friday and visited the castle.  We saw a Jubilee party taking place in the yard of a junior school just below the castle walls.  Presumably there were contingency plans to have the party indoors if wet, but it was a fine day.  Judging by the noise, the children were having a great time.  They had evidently all been encouraged to  wear red and/or white and/or blue, and it all looked very colourful and fun.   I wonder if they will remember the party in 60 years' time?  

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