Sunday 21 August 2011

A New Pin

My bronze award pin
I went to give blood this week, and it turned out that it was my 10th donation (at least in recent years).  I was given a "Bronze Award Pack" containing a thank-you note and a pin.

In fact, I have donated more than 10 times - I became a blood donor when I was 18 and a university student, and the Transfusion Service used to come to the university once a term to collect blood.  But later, it got more difficult to find out when and where the donor sessions were, and I gave it up. It's easier now, because the Service keeps track of its donors - you can make appointments in advance, and they send reminder letters.  

I felt quite proud of myself when I got my pin - 10 donations is quite a lot of blood. I'm not likely to achieve my father's record, though - he had a tie-pin of a similar design to my pin, for making 50 donations.    

I'll put my pin on my knitting bag, where there is a small collection of pins already,  including the one that says "I knit therefore I am". 

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