Wednesday 5 June 2013

Déjeuner sur Tarmac

We are having a Crochet Week at Lee Mills, from Monday to Friday this week.  As well as the regular volunteers, we have other Guild members coming from all over the country, to help sort out all the many boxes of crochet in the collection.

Monday and Tuesday were beautiful days, warm and sunny - the first warm days we have had at Lee Mills this year.  So we ate our sandwiches on our patio/ terrace/ picnic area, in front of the building.   It's not very beautiful, but we enjoyed sitting in the sun.  And it makes a nice change to feel that the inside of the building is pleasantly cool, instead of somewhere in the range cold to freezing.

We often see rabbits in the yard, hopping around between the lorries.  I can't imagine what they find to eat, because there doesn't seem to be anything growing there at all.  Someone suggested that they are refugees from a grassy area elsewhere on the site that has recently been dug up, but you'd think they'd have the sense to move somewhere more suited to a rabbit-y lifestyle.  There are fields and other green areas all round the site, so plenty of potential rabbit homes.

I am having as little as possible to do with the crochet sorting this week.  My role is to make coffee, bring chocolate and beetroot brownies, and provide some gentle pattern sorting activity for anyone who is overcome by the excitement of too much crochet.  Meanwhile,  I am carrying on with pattern sorting myself - more than 26,000 pattern leaflets have been counted so far.  But I will write about the crochet later in the week.

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