Sunday, 17 April 2011


This is my 100th post since I started this blog in January last year. So it's time to review, sum up, look back, take stock, etc.

When I started the blog I had been knitting again for a while, but in hindsight I wasn't yet taking it very seriously (i.e. it hadn't yet become obsessive). I had only just joined my first knitting group, for instance. I had been a pretty good knitter and I was just getting back in to the habit of knitting, and beginning to get more ambitious. When I look back over the past year, I can see that I have actually got a lot better at the craft of knitting. I have learnt a lot of new techniques to improve the quality of what I'm producing - several new cast-on methods and a better way of making buttonholes, for instance, from Montse Stanley's Handbook of Hand Knitting.  I have got better at sewing up, and learnt Russian grafting so that I don't need to do so much of it. I have also started knitting Continental style, though I'm still not as fast with that as I would like, so that needs more practice.

And a big thing that has happened, of course, is that I have got involved with sorting out the Knitting and Crochet Guild store at Lee Mills.  So now I am spending a lot of time working to build a magazine collection out of the huge mass of material there - and along the way learning a lot about how knitting developed in this country over the 20th century.   And finding some inspirational designs, and some totally ridiculous but entertaining ones.

So now for the next 100.....


  1. Congratulations on your one-hundredth post!
    Here's to the next hundred, and to more skills learnt and friends made. And more finished objects of course!

  2. A very happy 100th post to you - sorry that I have not visited earlier - I have been away most of the last two weeks - hope to see you next week.

  3. Congratulations on your 100th post. You are a much more diligent blogger than me. I'd love to have more time to explore the history of knitting and I like reading about what you have been working on.


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