Saturday, 15 October 2016

Mice in Blackpool

Last October, a group of us from the Knitting & Crochet Guild in Huddersfield went to the Westcliffe Hotel in Blackpool for a Knitaway weekend.  We had a wonderful time, and immediately decided that we should have another weekend away this year.  (Chris Evans interviewed Paula Chew, the owner of the Westcliffe, on his Breakfast Show this week - you can catch it here for another few weeks.)

More people wanted to go this year, so to fit everyone in, we are having two weekends at the Westcliffe, The first was two weeks ago, and I'm in the second group, going next weekend.

As last year, we are running workshops ourselves, this time on lace knitting   Elizabeth Smith, who went on the first weekend did some practising beforehand and made some little mice, wearing lace dresses.  Elizabeth is a very creative knitter - she did a workshop on knitting seaweed for the Huddersfield KCG branch last year.  Her mice are in Jamieson's Spindrift, about 3 inches high (about 7 cm,) and are very mousey.  Their dresses are knitted in Rowan Kid Silk Haze, and are in the three lace traditions of our Blackpool workshops: Shetland, Estonian and Orenburg.  (The Orenburg lace dress is in the mouse paw pattern - Elizabeth says that she was thinking of using the cat's paw pattern until she realised that it wouldn't be appropriate.)   And as you might be able to see, the dresses are trimmed with beads - very splendid gowns for tiny mice.  They are altogether adorable.

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