Tuesday, 5 May 2015

My Knitting

I haven't mentioned what I've been knitting for a while, although I have several projects almost finished.  I don't generally like to talk about my knitting before it's actually finished, partly because it might go wrong, and that would be embarrassing, and partly because I am very bad at finishing knitting projects (I hate sewing up, for one thing), so I might have to report that I've finished something a long time after I've said I'm knitting it, and that would be embarrassing too.  

But here's something I have just finished, apart from sewing in ends, etc.  It's a very unseasonal cabled scarf, in Wendy Merino DK.   More about it later.  

1 comment:

  1. Funnily enough, I was just thinking yesterday that it was a while since you'd posted anything about your knitting! I hate sewing up too, which is why I think knitting in the round is an excellent thing.


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