Monday, 21 November 2011

"The Killing" Jumper

Knit Your Own Sarah Lund Jumper!

On Saturday, the BBC started broadcasting The Killing II, the second series of the Danish crime thriller. This week's Radio Times has a feature on the series, including an interview with Sofie Grabol (or Gråbøl) who plays Sarah Lund, the main character.  And a knitting pattern.  It's a 'tribute' to the jumper worn by Sarah Lund that also seems to play a major role in this series. 

I have not yet seen the first series - I missed the first few episodes and never managed to catch up.  But I have of course heard about The Jumper.  That is, the Faroese one that Sarah Lund wore that became so popular.    It was written about extensively in the newspapers, for instance here, so that even if you were not watching the series and not particularly interested in a jumper that you hadn't seen, it was hard to miss.

The second series jumper is also Faroese, plain red with a textured yoke. You can find the Radio Times pattern on-line here.  I don't plan to knit it, although it looks good on Sofie Gråbøl.  But I do intend to watch the programmes this time.  And I will knit something while I'm watching - an uncomplicated pattern so that I can read the subtitles.

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