Thursday, 26 August 2010

Reading knitting

I decided last week that I needed some knitting that I could do while reading, watching television, etc.  In  theory, the Marion Foale cardigan is straightforward enough, but  actually if I don't pay attention the results aren't as even as I would like.   So I have embarked on another cardigan.  This is from Rowan's Classic Knits for Real Women.  (In this context, "real women" evidently means "bigger and/or older" - in comparison to most of the models that you see in books and magazines.)   The design is a jacket that has two versions.  Both are mainly stocking stitch, but one has beads at regular intervals, and the other (the one I chose) has an occasional  purl stitch on the right side which gives  a similar effect.     

Textured jacket
 The pattern is for double knitting weight yarn, and I  am using Rowan wool-cotton, in a lovely soft green colour called Verdigris.  The 'beads' are on every 6th row, and otherwise the stitch pattern is plain stocking stitch.  So I only need to pay attention on the 6th row - although I also need to check at the start of every knit row to see whether it is the 6th row, which I am inclined to forget to do.  So it is ideal reading knitting.  

I started the jacket last week.  This week I am at a workshop at a research institute in the Black Forest in Germany - quite taxing for my retired brain, but very stimulating too.  I had a long journey to get here, involving a train to Manchester airport, a flight to Frankfurt,  another train, and finally a taxi.  Altogether I spent more than 3 hours on the various trains - very productive knitting and reading time. (I didn't attempt to take my knitting in my hand luggage on the plane, because I have heard of even bamboo needles being confiscated.) I had nearly finished the back by the time I got here, and I expect to have a lot of the first front done by the time I get home again.  

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  1. I love train travel - you can knit away to your heart's content.

    I tried to take my knitting on a flight to NZ but the check-in staff advised against it. 24 hours of wasted time- I could have done a whole garment! I did manage to bring some wool back with me, though - coals to Newcastle maybe but I couldn't resist.


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