Friday, 16 October 2015

Adventures with Grannies

Yesterday evening, we had the monthly meeting of the Huddersfield Knitting & Crochet Guild branch.   The theme was "Adventures with Grannies" - Sarah Alderson, who is a member of the group, led a workshop on Granny squares.  And also Granny hexagons, triangles, circles, stars,....

I got a square completed, reminding myself of making things with Granny squares back in the 70s, and then made a hexagon when I got home.
They were satisfying to make, and it was a good evening, well-attended.   But I'm not sure I have the patience to make something with a lot of granny squares (or hexagons) any more - there are so many ends to sew in.

I also bought Sarah's new book, An Elven Reckoning, full of delightful knits (and models with pointy Elven ears).  

An Elven Reckoning, Sarah Alderson

I especially like the sweater shown on the cover, on the left, with a yoke in stranded knitting - it's called Nórui, meaning Fiery.  Sarah was wearing it last night in different colours  (you can find a photo of it in Ravelry), and it looked really good.  (I think the sword and pointy ears are optional.)


  1. Ah yes but what self respecting knitter would go out in a jumper like that without a sword and pointy ears! The jumpers look beautiful - Amazon don't currently have the book - must go hunting.

    1. You can get the book from Sarah's website at She was selling it at Yarndale, too, and it's in my local yarn shop in Huddersfield - not an Amazon kind of book, though.

  2. No there shouldn't be lots of ends to sew in with any crochet - it is EASY to work them in as you go along, especially the first end and then the last one you just hook around and around ... I am sorry I wasn't there as I could have showed you these techniques.


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