Friday, 6 April 2012

Spring, Summer, Winter

For several days last week it was warm enough to go out without a coat, or even a jumper.  In March!  Unheard of!      And then this week it snowed. 

But I am well-prepared for cold weather, because I have just finished the jumper in Twilleys Spin Knitting that I wrote about earlier.  

It is very light; although I made it quite long, it only took 360g of the 550g pack.  I washed it as soon as it was finished to get the oil out.  The washing water turned very murky, and now the wool smells much nicer.  And it is warm and cosy to wear.   For a while it looked as though I would not be able to wear it before the autumn, but it is just what I need, now that the weather has switched back to cold.  I hope that soon we shall have warmer weather again and I'll have to put it away with the rest of my winter woollies.  It was very easy to get used to the summer temperatures that we had last week.  I have started to knit a cotton/linen cardigan in anticipation.

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