Wednesday 9 March 2011

Horse Cooler

I know that a lot of knitters knit coats for their dogs, but that's a bit unambitious.  Think big - knit for a horse! 

The cooler is actually supposed to be worn underneath a blanket rather than by itself, to allow the horse to cool off after exercise. And it is "Particularly beneficial for nervous or excitable animals."  The pattern has the usual warning that when you are buying cotton, you should buy enough to complete the article, as dye-lots vary. Obviously, it is important to avoid a stripe of a slightly different shade at one end of the cooler, especially if your horse is excitable.

 And if you do have any yarn left over, you can make yourself a health vest.

1 comment:

  1. That's brilliant! I can't imagine knitting a horse blanket - It's hard enough getting the motivation to knit a bedspread (I've not completed one yet...).
    And I love the comment about getting the same dye lot, that's priceless!
    Thank you for a moment of levity in an otherwise torpid afternoon.


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