Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Man with the Golden Cardigan

As it's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, there is a lot of discussion of 1952 in the media, so why don't I join in?  One thing that was happening in 1952 in knitting only became noteworthy later  -  Roger Moore was at the peak of his career as a model for knitting patterns, before switching to acting.  The move worked out very well for him, of course, even if it was a loss to knitting.  The Stitchcraft Men's Book appeared in that year, I believe, and he featured in most of the 1952 issues of Stitchcraft, including two front covers.

He looks very young (he was about 25) and really pretty good - male models of later decades often look ridiculous now (bad hair, dreadful moustaches and/or too much fake tan).
What looks most dated is that he is often posed with a cigarette or a pipe.  It seems quite shocking now to see a model smoking.  And I associate pipe-smoking with much older men, though perhaps it wasn't like that in 1952.


  1. Forget Roger Moore!(though he is dishy) I want the pattern for that green checked ladies' cardigan on the model next to him.. So cute!

  2. It certainly is very smart, though I suspect she's wearing one of those wasp-waisted 50s corsets to achieve that shape.

  3. I actually have the pattern for the green cardigan - I think I still have both of those issues! I sold some - but kept Roger....I think the patterns are hard to do though as it's hard to get the right wool.
    If you really want the pattern I could dig it out for you. Ruby

    1. Not surprised you kept the issues with Roger Moore in.


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